1. Sediment
    Lora Mathis and Matty Terrones

  2. Adam Gnade Reads Selections from the Novel After Tonight, Everything Will Be Different Live at Verbatim Books
    Adam Gnade (words) Matty Terrones (noise) and Demetrius Antuña (noise)

  3. Songs For Wo(Men) 2
    Mugabi Byenkya

  4. Darling (digital EP)
    Chase Griffin (writing) and M. Kilcullen (music)

  5. for someone
    K. Van Petten

  6. Fall Collection, 2022
    Various Artists

  7. Les Tirs
    Nick Bernal and Matty Terrones

  8. i'll never not tell you my dreams
    Rin Hart

  9. Summer Collection, 2022
    Various artists

  10. If I don't self immolate will I ever be understood?
    andrw fx

  11. Paint-By-Numbers
    Dmitry Samarov

  12. Journey's End Motel
    Nicole Morning & Michael Alan Goldberg

  13. Spring Collection, 2022, Part 2 of 2

  14. Spring Collection, 2022, Part 1 of 2

  15. Life is the Meatgrinder that Sucks in All Things
    Adam Gnade & Planet B

  16. All of You
    Ryan Schulte

  17. A Little Bit
    Erik Tinsley

  18. Winter Collection, 2022
    Various Artists

  19. My Mind is Not a Billboard///What's Your Favorite TV Show
    Sam Pink

  20. The World of Today and the World of Tomorrow
    Adam Gnade

  21. Northern Sketches
    Gary Bunting

  22. Fall Collection, 2021
    Various Artists

  23. #1 Chart-Topping Hits of "Talking Songs" (digital LP)
    Adam Gnade

  24. The Only Living Girl in Chicago (The Really Fucking Abridged Version)
    Mallory Smart

  25. Prairie Girl Collective
    Prairie Girl Collective

  26. Summer Collection, 2021
    Various Artists

  27. Self-Portrait with Ghosts and Trains
    Jessie Lynn McMains

  28. Honey Slides
    Adam Gnade & Youthmovies

  29. Stories Mixtape
    Various Artists

  30. Hello Poetry Mixtape
    Various Artists

  31. Soft Animal
    Nicole Morning

  32. Spring Collection, 2021
    Various Artists

  33. Put Me on a Dog Leash and Make Me Eat Taco Bell Off the Floor
    Nathaniel Kennon Perkins

  34. Winter Collection, 2021
    Various Artists

  35. Phone-Dream
    Jared Thomas Friend


Hello America Stereo Cassette

A new record label releasing audio recordings of writers' work. Poems backed by noise. Novels as audio books. Stories on cassettes. Curated by Adam Gnade. Currently accepting submissions.

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